Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Manchester Anarchist Bookfair

In or around Manchester...?
Here's something to do this weekend:
Animal rights groups including Manchester Animal Protection and SHAC will be there PLUS the venue "The Basement" is a bookshop with a great vegan cafe!

And if you want to check out some pics of what I'm doing over here in San Francisco - check out my other blog, i simply do not have time to translate it...hopefully next week, Wiebke

Whole Health MD

This site is not vegan per se, but I find the whole concept of turning to natural rememedies, or knowing what's in what you eat, or what a certain food is good for, fascinating.
Whole Health MD has tons of nutritional information on different foods, recipes, natural remedies for specific ailments, experts' opinions, and a reference "library".

I bumped into it while searching info about the fruit Feijoa. I'd never seen it before until today and its smell (haven't tasted it yet) is one of the most intriguing aromas I've ever experienced.
Thought i'd share...

Monday, November 28, 2005

In London this weekend? Cruelty Free gift shopping

If you're in London this weekend and need to get some Xmas shopping done, the place to be is the "Christmas Without Cruelty Fayre".
Organized by UK's Animal Aid, this little Fair in the middle of shopping-land High Street Kensington offers a "huge range of cruelty-free items" from cosmetics to shoes to Fair trade goods, so that you can find something for everyone. And if you get hungry, there'll be vegan food available too!
The sellers are all Animal Rights connected "charities, campaign groups and ethical traders who are trying to make a positive difference in the world", so you know your money is not going to a greedy corporation.

For more info, click ici

Sunday 4th December 2005

Kensington Town Hall
Hornton Street
London W8
(opposite High Street Kensington tube station)

Admission £1
Children (under 11) free

Not to be an alarmist but...

...Romania is not that far away. I'd like to think something good might come out of this, like the powers to be will realise it's not in our best interest to raise animals the way we do after all. I'm an optimist.

From Yahoo news

Turkey in Romania Tests Positive for Flu

BUCHAREST, Romania - A turkey has tested positive for the H5 subtype of bird flu in eastern Romania, officials said Saturday.

The turkey came from a small farm in the village of Scarlatesti, Agriculture Minister Gheorghe Flutur said.

Authorities will begin culling all domestic birds in the village, which is located near several large lakes. A quarantine will also be imposed on the village. There was no immediate information on whether authorities would carry out further tests to establish whether the turkey was infected with the deadly H5N1 strain.

"We think the virus was brought by migratory birds," Flutur said.

Romania has already confirmed the H5N1 strain of avian flu in three villages in the Danube Delta, but Scarlatesti is outside the delta region. The virus has devastated poultry stocks and killed at least 68 people in parts of Asia since 2003.

In Europe, birds have tested positive for H5N1 in Romania, Russia, Croatia and Turkey.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

NL20 mag says vega is mega!

Amsterdam free guide magazine NL20 has a cover article on vegetarian cuisine and lifestyle in their current issue.
Titled "Vega is Mega! Healthy, delicious, and hip", the 4 page feature talks about how the cliche that vegetarian eating is just for bored cow hugging hippies without taste buds is over.
With the number of vegetarians in The Netherlands having increased from 3.5% in 2003 to 4.5% in 2005, the article cites health reasons, trendiness helped by "herbivore" celebrities, "meat scandals" such as mad cow disease or salmonella, and the bigger and tastier range of options for vegetarian food in supermarkets and restaurants as major reasons for the increase. It also interviews 3 Dutch celebrities who are vegetarian about their reasons for going veg, best and worst part about it, and their fave eateries in Amsterdam.
Nice to see such a positive article on vegetarianism in a mainstream publication like this.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Quick hello from San Francisco...

...I've posted pictures and a few lines with links to places I've been to on my Wiebke's Vegan blog. English version about my first weekend will be up soon, probably tomorrow after my trip to Otsu!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Week of Global Action Against HLS

We are a bit late posting this, but all this week is a Week of global action against Huntingdon Life Sciences! As you might know the SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) has been campaigning to shut down HLS and stop their cruel useless torture of hundreds of animals everyday by organizing demos, campaigns, boycotting any companies affiliated with HLS, etc...

If you are in London tomorrow Friday, they have organized a demo. Click here for more info
Friday 25th November
SHAC Suits in London Tour
Dress up smart!

But there's many other ways you can support SHAC, just visit their website to find out how.

Off to San Francisco and New York...

...a plate with Tempeh Bacon is waiting in the kitchen so I can make myself some nice BLT sandwiches for the long flight to San Francisco via New York...luckily I'll have a more than just a 4 hour stop-over on the way back with loads of time to walk around New York and many of Red Bamboo's Buffalo Wings!!!

My Ipod is packed with podcasts by the Vegan Freaks, Vegan Radio and Let's Get Baked...! And a book our friend Josh from Herbivore just recently recommended in his blog. Review of PopCo soon... loads of pictures and reports of restaurants, burrito places, shows,...!!!

Anna will feed you with Euro news in the meantime.

See you soon!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cartoon and info on animal experiments...

Click here for the cartoon and a lot more info on the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection - campaigning to end animal experiments) site!

The Sparrow Saga

You may be familiar with the story of the sparrow (protected species in the Netherlands) who got shot dead because it made the fatal mistake of flying into the events Hall where they were preparing a -check this out- attempt to break the Domino toppling world record...
Now, why would any grown men and women spend time setting millions of domino bricks to then tip them over and have them all be toppled in a minute is beyond me (oh wait! sponsorships, TV rights, percentage on commercials,... now i get it), but the story here is that this poor unfortunate bird has triggered a string of cheesy, surreal and/or plainly exploitative actions.
Not only did this make it to the news internationally, but a special website in honour of the bird was created in the Netherlands where people could leave comments and condolences to the family of the bird (seriously)...
Now the latest episode of this saga is that 2 DJs from the Dutch province of Friesland have recorded a theme song for the dead sparrow, which goes on sale today! Judging from the amount of downloads it received in the first couple of days of it being posted on the DJs website - 50.000- the single might enter the charts this week.

This would be almost funny if it wasn't that pathetic. Way to go with making profit of this issue and making animal rights and the unnecesary death of this bird a joke.

This will hopefully be the last we hear of the Sparrow saga, may they let the poor bird rest in piece.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Animal Liberation Festival in Bochum this weekend

Roots of Compassion will be sponsoring the ANIMAL LIBERATION FESTIVAL happening on November 26th in Bochum, Germany.
They announce on their recent newsletter: "its for a good cause (supporting two AR groups and one sanctuary), so come along if you live close by! there will be great food, lots of other stalls and great music of course! the lineup:Buried Inside Breed Apart Deadlock Destiny Endstand Sunrise To Kill Undying. (...) there will be an anti fur demo before, so if you're planning to go to the festival, be sure to come early to join the demo!"

Tickets can be pre-ordered from:

And check the festival website for more details:

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Welcome us to the world of blogging

Hi, welcome to Eurovegans, a blog dedicated to Vegans... and Europe.
Most vegan sites are based in NorthAmerica, and even though they're great sources of info, tips, products, and buddies, we thought a site more focused in Europe could come handy...
We'll try to update often with recipes, reviews of European products, links to sites, city Veg guides, restaurants, news items, etc for both Euro vegans, or visitors from all over.

This blog will also be kitchen nerdy silly pictures girly giggly galore... cos we're like that.

We'd love to know if there's anyone actually reading this, and to get feedback, suggestions, love, presents, bribes, and comments. So, if you read this and want to leave some proof of your existence, comment away!!

Soon, soon.
Wiebke & Anna

This picture was taken in a motel room somewhere on the road between Portland and San Francisco...