Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Sparrow Saga

You may be familiar with the story of the sparrow (protected species in the Netherlands) who got shot dead because it made the fatal mistake of flying into the events Hall where they were preparing a -check this out- attempt to break the Domino toppling world record...
Now, why would any grown men and women spend time setting millions of domino bricks to then tip them over and have them all be toppled in a minute is beyond me (oh wait! sponsorships, TV rights, percentage on commercials,... now i get it), but the story here is that this poor unfortunate bird has triggered a string of cheesy, surreal and/or plainly exploitative actions.
Not only did this make it to the news internationally, but a special website in honour of the bird was created in the Netherlands where people could leave comments and condolences to the family of the bird (seriously)...
Now the latest episode of this saga is that 2 DJs from the Dutch province of Friesland have recorded a theme song for the dead sparrow, which goes on sale today! Judging from the amount of downloads it received in the first couple of days of it being posted on the DJs website - 50.000- the single might enter the charts this week.

This would be almost funny if it wasn't that pathetic. Way to go with making profit of this issue and making animal rights and the unnecesary death of this bird a joke.

This will hopefully be the last we hear of the Sparrow saga, may they let the poor bird rest in piece.


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