Monday, January 09, 2006


…no coffee at the club yet so we walk to the Rokerij close to the Melkweg. I don’t even need to spend money on any of the weed and stuff they sell there, I just get high by breathing in the fumes while having two good and strong coffees.

Meet Anna afterwards for another soy latte we drink sitting on a bench by one of the grachten. It is cold but I love to spend some time in clean fresh air outside. Way too much 2nd hand smoke for me over the past few days.

Then, off to the Kantjil, home of the famous tofu balls…we order two different salads, tofu balls, really good marinated tempeh with green beans, yellow rice.

I love the peanut sauce that comes with all the dishes. I just wonder why they put a hard boiled egg on the salad plate. Always good food at this Indonesian restaurant – want to take some tofu balls back to the venue with me for after the show but they’re out of them.

Instead a nice surprise waits for me at the club – my friend Carolina has made cinnamon roles using a recipe I’ve sent her a few weeks ago. They are SO good, so sweet that she made them – recipe is here. Don’t they look just fabulous?

Great dance party after the show – and we’re off to Cologne.

Not much to report from Cologne, I drop my bags at the hotel in the afternoon and return to the venue for some really good Seitan stew…

No photos today…airports are boring and there’s no wireless here for some reason…will be home in a good hour anyways.


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