Saturday, January 07, 2006

London, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Cologne in 4 days tour…

London – another vegan buffet right next to our old favourite vegan buffet…Right behind the Astoria on Greek Street. Unfortunately some of the food was a bit cold but the spring rolls were delicious. So try Sasa Thai AND Tai next time you’re in London. Cheap, good, vegan food and very nice service.

I didn’t make it back there before our bus left so I snacked on the amazing Bourbon Cream cookies and later on bought some Pringles at a truck stop…unfortunately they were the only vegan crisps or chips, however you prefer to call them. Everything else had some kind of animal product in it. Luckily everything is clearly labelled here. Love it!

Parked in front of the venue in Antwerp now. Will try to get downtown from here and get some Belgian Fries with Peanut Sauce. Hope I can find them…Had some corn flakes with orange juice and a triple PBJ sandwich for breakfast, that’s what I usually eat when on tour. The bread here’s so soft and pale, it needs to be sent on a trip to some resort to get back in shape.


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