Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Amsterdam again...

Most importantly...: Anna, we need to take more goofy pics of ourselves...!

Flew out to Amsterdam on Friday for the Good Riddance show and to hang out with Anna.

We went for dinner at the Green Planet. A really cute place in the city center. Super nice service, and a cute crazy cat which jumped on Anna's lap right after we sat down.

Here's the food review...most of dishes on the menu can be made vegan, they also have a daily special for 9,90 EUR, unfortunately it was Lasagna which couldn't be veganized.

I ordered the "Antipasti salad (Mixed leaf lettuce with delicious homemade antipasti, roasted seeds & nuts and a delicious basamico mustard dressing)" topped with some marinated and grilled smoked tofu. It was really good, loved the dressing and the antipasti (mushrooms, carrots,...).

Anna had the "Teriaki Wok stir-fry (broccoli, paprika, green beans, carrots, onion, shii-take and cashew nuts fried with ginger & chilli, extinguished with a homemade Teriaki sauce and served with Basmati rice"...Anna? Want to write your review here? :)

For dessert we had "Tofu lemon “cheese” cake extravaganza with agar-agar fruit topping and a delicious fruit sauce" - which was a little bit too "crumbly" tasting for me, and very lemony. Plus...6,50 EUR for a piece of cake...?!

Overall I'd say...very nice place, cute cat, but it would be better if they could always offer a vegan or veganizable special of the day. Quite pricy, even for downtown Amsterdam.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, Wiebke.
My stir fry was ok, but nothing special. Your salad was better.
The sauce the tofu was marinated on was delish and intriguing though.

And yeah, more silly pics!!

9:48 PM  

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