Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Urtekram from Denmark

I went to buy a new body lotion yesterday and had a hard time finding a vegan one in the "Biggest European Health Food Store" LPG calls itself...there was either beeswax in it, lactic acid,...you name it.

But here's one from a small company in Denmark, callled Urtekram.

Completely vegan, they have perfume free product, and their prices are decent - especially compared to companies like Lavera...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dia Internacional Sin Carne

Check Was*Someone and this site for more info and pictures of a great Meat Out Day action in Madrid!

Tom's Of Maine...sold to Colgate

This news has shocked me even more than the one from last week. Body Shop has always been wishy washy with their ethical standards regarding animal tested supplies for their product.

But Tom's Of Maine seemed to have strong indie values and was loved for their cruelty free product...

Read the press release on their site and this...and check knowmore.org for their info.

Really sorry for all Tom's Of Maine employees who choose their job based on their personal beliefs and values.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

L'Oréal 'flattered and seduced me', says Body Shop founder

...oh, so the 130m British Pound are not part of the picture...sure!

This reminds me of bands going with a major and still believing that they are able to be "in control". But as Russ Rankin from Good Riddance just put it so well: "You can't be against someone you're in bed with!" referring to the band Rage Against The Machine. (Sorry, that interview is in German only!)

Here's the link to The Guardian
and another one to BBC News, read that part about Taking Over an Ethical Business as well. Interesting stuff, doesn't the title automatically imply that the business taking over the ethical business is NOT an ethical business? Or am I splitting hairs here...?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

New film to involve real bull torturing

PETA has received word that a new film, Manolete, starring Adrian Brody and Penelope Cruz, will contain scenes of bullfighting in which real bulls will be tortured and killed. PETA has contacted the producers and director of the film but has received no response despite the advisement that no response would be taken as confirmation that they will be abusing and killing real bulls.

On the other hand, the 2005 film The Matador used carefully crafted computer-generated images (CGI) and stock footage of past bullfights rather than harming more bulls. PETA is asking people to contact the producer and director and urge them not to contribute to the horrific cruelty of bullfighting but to opt instead for CGI technology, which provides the look of a bullfight without requiring additional cruelty and killing. The movie is scheduled to start filming in March, so time is of the essence. You can find Peta's model letter here as well as the contacts to address them to.

I say also contact the actors involved' fan clubs and agents/publicists and ask them to put pressure to change the methods of filming so they don't involve the torture of bulls.


Heather and Paul McCartney will visit the harp seal nursery on the ice floes off Canada’s East Coast, on 3 & 4 March 2006, to observe beautiful, pure white newborn harp seal pups, sentenced to death by the Canadian seal hunt.

Only weeks after their visit many of these same animals will be clubbed to death as part of the annual slaughter, the largest marine mammal hunt on the planet.

Heather and Paul will be calling on the new Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, to stop this brutal commercial hunt.

The trip will highlight the work of UK campaign group Respect for Animals, which is calling on the UK government to ban the import of all seal products into the UK, and the Humane Society International.

Over the last three years almost one million seals have been slaughtered, 97% of them under three months of age, most of them only a few weeks old. A 2001 independent veterinarian report concluded that 42% of seals examined were likely still conscious when skinned. The pups’ skins are used in the fashion industry.

The hunt is now killing as many seal pups as it did in the 1950s and 1960s when the harp seal population was reduced by as much as two thirds. Worldwide public horror at the hunt and Canadian fish boycotts brought about a EU implemented ban on ‘whitecoat’ (newborn seal) products. Today, sealers kill pups as soon as they have moulted – a process that starts at 12 days old – and these slightly older seal skins can and are legally imported into the EU (including the UK).

• A recent opinion poll found that 79% of UK residents believe the hunt should be stopped. And, 73% think there should be a ban on seal products into Britain.

• An Early Day Motion (EDM 237) calling on the UK government ‘to prohibit the import of all seal products into the UK’, has been signed by 183 Members of Parliament (as at 20.2.06)

• Several countries have recently initiated actions to ban the import of seal products, including: Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Greenland, Mexico. A ban has been in place since 1972 in US.

• A 2001 veterinary report concluded that the hunt results in ‘considerable and unacceptable suffering’